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Local Skull Designer Grabs Attention From Martha Stewart

The skull that Noah Scalin carved out of Vaseline has survived in his freezer so far, but traveling to New York is out of the question. Too bad. Scalin, a local graphic designer, heads to the Big Apple this week to film a segment for “The Martha Stewart Show,” and several of his other homemade skulls will go with him instead.
Scalin's collection is the result of an online art project he finished this summer. He posted a newly designed skull on a Web site,, every day for the past year. Regular site visitors saw them arranged out of bed sheets, painted with vegemite and drilled into the shell of an uncracked egg. The images became a book, “Skulls,” and now Martha's getting in on the act.
Oddly enough, Stewart will teach Scalin how to make a skull.
“She is the expert in craft,” he says, “so I'm sure she'll have some technique I've never heard of.” He'll provide examples of some of his work, but first he has to get them there. “I have to consider the fact that I will be bringing a suitcase of skulls through security at an airport,” he says.
The segment is scheduled to air Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. on the Fine Living TV network.
Skulls have always interested Scalin, he says. “We've all got one and we can't see our own.” In preparation for the TV appearance, Stewart's producers asked Scalin how many skull tattoos he has, which depends on how you count the one of the monkey juggling skulls (four, to be precise).
The skull-a-day project ended with a bang June 1, when Scalin arranged for people in white and black T-shirts to pose for a skull aerial shot. On June 2, for his 36th birthday, he made himself a skull cake. That was skull design No. 365 — but 2008 was a leap year, so to be fair he made a quarter of a skull on June 3.
That morning he woke to find an anonymous blogger had arranged a grave and headstone on his front yard, decorated with a floral arrangement in the shape of a skull.
Even in view of the lawn memorial, Scalin says his appearance on Stewart's show will be “definitely one of the strangest things that's happened in my life so far.” —

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