Local Politician You Just Want to Go Away

U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor

Readers' Pick

Second Place: Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Third Place: Gov. Bob McDonnell

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Gov. Bob McDonnell have had banner years, but Congressman Eric Cantor, the House majority leader from Henrico County, took this category with flying colors. Perhaps you've been rubbed the wrong way by Cantor smugly rubbing his ideological contradictions in our faces. Take his recent Small Business Tax Cut Act, in which the top 11 percent of small businesses, which the act defines as having 500 employees or fewer, will get 63 percent of the one-time 20-percent tax cut. The smaller businesses, about 9.2 million mom-and-pop shops, will get only about 15 percent of the tax break, according to Congress' Joint Commission on Taxation. Small, fast-growing businesses don't really benefit — they don't have as much taxable income. Oh, and the act will add another $46 billion to the national deficit. Is that really fiscal conservatism?

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