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Finally, the true flavor of Richmond is revealed in future episodes of ABC’s “Line of Fire.”


Episode 7: Scumdogs of the James

While infiltrating the ranks of an outrageous rock band who use dangerous pyrotechnics, Paige (Leslie Bibb) is forced to wear a phallic appendage and spew viscous goo; Jennifer (Julie Ann Emery) is reprimanded by the agency for slugging her son’s West End soccer coach. Oederus Urungus: Richie Sambora, Jizmack the Gusher: Michael Des Barres.

Episode 8: Diggin’ Up Bones

Calamity ensues when the body of an indicted real-estate mogul is found buried in concrete at the site of the city’s latest white elephant downtown project; Roy (Anson Mount) is forced to spend a whole day in Mechanicsville antique shopping. (Pt. 1 of 2.) Salomonsky: Paul Sorvino, Two G’s Hedgepeth: Vonetta McKee.

Episode 9: Country Dinner Plate ... of Death

Conclusion: Still more bodies of expendable Richmond extras are buried in the unexplored recesses of the new convention center; after a dangerous Mechanicsville shopping trip, Roy (Anson Mount) is disturbed to find that there is a 35-minute wait at Cracker Barrel. Pretty Boy Pantele: Mike Lookinland, Lucky Lucy: Joan Cusack.

Episode 10: One City, Their City

Accepting an invitation to join the local newspaper’s guest editorial roster, Jonah (David Paymer) offers to “off” Hillary Clinton and is subsequently invited to join the Chamber of Commerce; the decaying body of Crazy Jazz (Ato Essandoh) is discovered in the Byrd Theatre’s huge Czechoslovakian chandelier. Ross MacKenzie: Jerry Orbach, Delegate Marrs: Crispin Glover.

Episode 11: Sic Semper Scaredy-catis

Gov. Mark Warner guest stars as an ineffectual bureaucrat who is pathologically terrified of political confrontation; a violent shootout at La Diff leaves Agent MacArthur (Michael Irby) and three expensive end tables in critical condition. Booty: Fred Thompson, Woodward the Worm: Mickey Rourke.

Episode 12: EZ 2 Love, EZ 2 Kill

Malloy henchman Stubbins (Brian Goodman) meets in secret session with the City Council to discuss a proposed new taxpayer-funded Organized Crime Museum in Shockoe Bottom; Todd (Jeffrey D. Sams) complains to local African-American politicians that he is the show’s token black FBI agent and has little to do. Mayor Rudy: Charles Dutton, Loupassi the Lip: Sean Astin.

Episode 13: What’s Good for Business Is Good for ... Death

When the FBI’s latest criminal investigation leads to higher-ups at an untouchable public-private partnership, Lisa (Leslie Hope) gives up and spends the rest of her afternoon trying on pricey shoes at Stony Point Fashion Park; Jonah’s plan to fix a NASCAR race is foiled when he fails to recruit a single gang member with a believable Southern accent. Calvin Jamison: Billy Dee Williams, Ray Evernham: Gus van Sant, Darryl Waltrip, Himself. S

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