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Local Dogs and Cats Lapping Up Donation

Ted Adams, a sales representative for a pressure-washer company called the Pressure’s On, happened to be listening.

After the storm, he says, he heard that water supplies in Richmond were in trouble. He wanted to help some friends he guessed might be out. So he drove to company offices in Hanover County where the water was untainted and filled a 125-gallon tank on his truck. It turned out his friends didn’t need it.

What to do with the water? “I was driving on 95 and I heard on the radio that the SPCA in Richmond was in need of water donations, so I said, I’m on my way.”

Wen he arrived at the society building on Chamberlayne Avenue, he found six staff members and two volunteers who had stayed with the animals through the night. When he told them how much water he had, “all of them jumped out of their seats flabbergasted,” he says.

Together, they filled cans and buckets from the tank on his truck. They filled a plastic swimming pool with about three inches of water for bathing the animals. Then Adams returned with another 125 gallons.

“We send him our greatest thanks and appreciation,” Deisler says. “It had such an impact on what we were doing that day.”

Adams says he was happy to help. “All those animals were really lucky to have those folks taking care of them during the storm, and helping them out with that really made me feel good,” he says. — Zac Bardou

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