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Live From L.A.: Brand Turns Getty


Brand: I've got the Wall Street Journal in 14 minutes.

Style: Have you seen your new office?

No I haven't yet. I want to get through these interviews so I can go see the office. But I know where it is.

This seems to be a chaotic time for the Getty, with the attorney general's probe of the Getty trust, executive departures — even the hiring of a crisis management firm. [Not to mention senior curator Marion True's pending trial in Rome on charges she received stolen artwork, as the Los Angeles Times reported.]

What are you stepping into here?

Well I'm stepping into a major international trust with extraordinary resources, and extraordinary potential. As you can imagine I discussed all those issues during the process. And I'm coming here with great enthusiasm and optimism. It is a very big, important organization, and you attract attention. …

My first thing to focus on is the museum, which I'm director of. And with the Marion True situation, like many people I'm surprised that she's been singled out individually, and I'm in the midst of receiving briefing, but I can't say anything because it is subject to trial. ...

What's your favorite piece of art in the Getty?

I wouldn't know where to begin. I could never answer that question at the VMFA either. One of my favorite things is that the collection here is viewed in a campus setting. We have brilliant architecture, we have a brilliant landscape design — and that is exactly what we're working toward at VMFA.

How do you want to be remembered in Richmond?

As someone who, over five years, worked with total commitment to moving VMFA forward, and to take an institution which was already international and global by nature of the collection and have the confidence to aim at an international level, and to just really have made that part of their consciousness now.

What are you not looking forward to about living in L.A.?

There's not much. It's a wonderful city. I do believe that the traffic from time to time is going to be not great. — Jason Roop

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