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Literary Greats Vital to the Richmond Story


Thank you, thank you Edwin Slipek Jr. for the grand piece on the Richmond literary greats of yesteryear (“Disappearing Ink,” Cover Story, Dec. 3). I enjoyed every word of it, as I often do when reading your work. The feature helped me reflect and appreciate those brave souls who have forged paths for the rest of us.

Nancy Wright Beasley

The literary scene here is stronger than ever today. The James River Writers organization now has a membership of over 350 — including professional writers, aspiring ones and others who just love literature. Writers currently living and thriving in Richmond include Stacy H. Adams, Gigi Amateau, Susann Cokal, Colleen Curran, Tom DeHaven, Phaedra Hise, Evans Hopkins, Emyl Jenkins, Caroline Kettlewell, Dean King, Jon Kukla, David L. Robbins and Jason Tesauro, to name just a few.
The James River Writers Conference, held each October at the Library of Virginia and sponsored by Dominion, attracts headline authors, literary agents and editors from around the country. Each year we are told that there's something special about Richmond: We exude both hospitality and an egalitarianism little known in more competitive literary scenes. This year, Kirk Ellis, the Emmy-award winner author of the HBO miniseries “John Adams,” announced that if he could leave L.A., he'd move to Richmond — the best place in the country to write!
With our literary past in mind and our current authors scribbling away, Richmond is undeniably a great home for writers.

Virginia Pye and Lee Gimpel
Co-Chairs, James River Writers

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