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Like the United Nations, but with an eye for color.


Yes, there's strife aplenty out there in the big old world, and as an international community, we're having a tough time doing good in the world. If only everyone spoke Esperanto, maybe we'd get somewhere. Nevertheless, The Gallery Art & Design isn't going to let a little thing like many strange languages get in the way of a cause. The gallery calls in its international artists for "Arts and Ends," a collective exhibition of paintings, photography and objets d'art (French for "fancy stuff") featuring the works of Elizabeth Evans, Javier Cruz and Frances Aceves Humana. There's a reception Jan. 20, 4-6 p.m. This show is part of the lead-up to the main event in February, "Colors of Life," a gala and auction of works by international photographers benefiting Children's Hospital of Richmond. Finally, someone's thought of the children. Looks like it's your move, UN. 355-0102. S

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