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Like Bells at the Camel

For the curious, the answer to your question is no, Ohio-based trio Like Bells sounds nothing close to what the name suggests. That's certainly not to say the post-rock instrumentalists don't have a nice ring to them. Going against their genre's formulaic tendencies for extreme volume shifts, avant-garde textural effects and absurdly epic track lengths, Like Bells winds itself like a vine around a recognizable melody and keeps things simple, creating tunes that don't settle as background noise. While it would definitely be interesting to hear what these guys could pull off with some actual lyrics (they do at times use minimal vocal harmonies), there's a surprising level of classicism that can come from a guitar, drums and string work. Like Bells plays the Camel at 8 p.m. Sunday, May 31. $5. 1621 W. Broad St. 353-4901. — Mike Hilleary

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