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Like An Evening With the Bushes


You know how your only complaint against "The Birdcage" was its rampant godlessness and lack of family values? Not to worry, because the Richmond Triangle Players have extended the run of "The Stops" through May 27. Yes, the North American Lady Organists Guild is on tour in this comedy by Drew Emery and Eric Lane Barnes, singing such churchgoing favorites as "A Bossa Nova for Jehovah" and "It's Raining Amen" and … hey — wait a minute — those aren't ladies! We really are living in an interesting America when even the cross-dressing musical romps are fundamentalist. Perhaps, in between songs, there are some tongues in cheeks over the whole deal. Fridays and Saturdays at Fieldens Cabaret Theatre at 8 p.m. Tickets are $16. 346-8113. S

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