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Lifeline Moves Downtown



Family Lifeline, a nonprofit community aid organization that got its start helping Richmond families back in 1877, is returning to its roots.

After about 30 years occupying an office on Willow Lawn Drive in Henrico County, the organization packed up the moving van and hauled its gear back downtown last Friday to new offices on Broad Street across from the Science Museum.

"A lot of our work is in the city of Richmond itself," says Reed Henderson, president of the organization. "We'd rather be in the city reaching out rather than outside the city reaching in."

Unlike its early days, when donations of sundries and dry ingredients were the norm, the organization provides all manner of family educational services as well as in-home care or visits for young families and seniors.

The organization also runs a group home for older adolescent females who've moved beyond foster care: "It's the next step after traditional foster care — they're placed with us as an alternative to traditional foster care," Henderson says. Girls at the home range in age from 16 to 20. That facility is not located at its new administrative office address at 2325 W. Broad St. S

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