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Library Deserves Continued Support

I want to thank you for presenting your 27 ideas for downtown ("Where Do We Go From Here?" Cover Story, Oct. 17), specifically No. 10 of "Enhance Our Assets." Beyond quoting what you wrote about increasing the budget of the Richmond Public Library, "we have a terrific downtown public library facility and staff," we also have eight terrific branches with wonderful facilities and staff.

The Richmond Public Library should be celebrated, because it is one of the only places that appeals to all citizens. This "downtown mecca" offers access to newspapers, magazines, databases, artwork, music, children's programs, adult programs, employment opportunities, educational study guides and many other items for free! Plus, great used books can be bought for under a dollar!

Richmond does have an amazing asset. Thankfully the Richmond Public Library serves a wonderful community and their support has maintained services. But to improve, a library needs money. Invest now. A gem as rich as the Richmond Public Library is worth its weight in gold.

Paige Newman, president
Friends of the Richmond Public Library

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