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Don't Wait Till Spring

Thank you so much for your complimentary and constructive review of Indian Fields Tavern ("Tavern in the Green," Food & Drink, Dec. 1). Of all the restaurants in Richmond we feel quite honored to receive your attention and such high marks. We look forward to you visiting again in the spring to sample the next seasonal menu. We hope, as a destination restaurant in the country, we will still be here to serve you. The winter is a lean time for us and your telling people to stay away until spring could hurt our business quite a bit. Thank you so very much.

Lisa von Gehren


In a remembrance of the late Harry Gonner, retired executive director of the Central Richmond Association (News & Features, Dec. 15), we reported that the association eventually was folded into Downtown Presents, which is now City Celebrations. Actually CRA was merged with Richmond Renaissance in 1996. Style regrets the error.

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