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Thank you so much for the excellent article on same-sex couples with children. It is wonderful to see alternative families portrayed in a positive light.

The founders of the In The Family group, Dale Mabry and Dayle Winslow, have helped many such families, who may have previously experienced at least some degree of alienation from society, to make invaluable connections. They are wonderful women, and they have helped to instill a real sense of acceptance, belonging and pride in many beautiful children. The effects of their open hearts and open home will be felt for generations to come.

The article did not say much about male couples with children, and though we may be in the minority, we definitely do exist. In The Family offered my partner and I incredible support as we entered the adoption process and after we brought our little girl, adopted internationally, home two years ago.

In The Family educates people that those of us who are gay or lesbian with children are just normal people. We love our children incredibly much. The fact that we often have to jump through hoops to get them is a sign of how badly we want them in our lives and of the love we have to share. As a whole, we are remarkably loyal and devoted parents and our kids are secure, happy and well-adjusted. Despite a few stares from curious people in stores and a rare snide remark from an obnoxious, uniformed person in a restaurant, our lives are remarkably ordinary. And that is the beauty of it!

Ron Carter


Because of an incorrect figure from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, we erroneously reported the cost of the museum's expansion-kickoff party April 2 (Architecture, May 7). The party's price tag was $125,000, a museum spokeswoman says.

Also, the menu at Grafiti Grille (Restaurant Review, April 29) changes every five weeks, rather than every six months.

Style regrets the errors.

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