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Good Taste or Bad?

I am so happy that your correspondent Brandon Reynolds "bounced around like a pinball" at Virginia Commonwealth University's "glossy" Market 810 (Edible Underworld, Food & Drink, Sept. 7). "Total abundance in the hands of people with questionable self-control": Searching for a meal card must be more important to them than seeing the homeless camped out in Monroe Park just two blocks away from "the next generation of cafeterias."

By the way, Reynolds goes too far when he refers to "the Eastern European lunch lady glaring at you over the hairy hemisphere of a largish mole on her cheek." Insert "black" or "African-American" or "Hispanic" or how about "poor white" instead of "Eastern European," and there would be big problems! My grandmother was an Eastern European lady without a hairy mole on her cheek. She spoke six languages fluently. She did not serve lunch to a bunch of spoiled children such as she would see at Market 810. I have been there and seen them.

Reynolds needs some sensitivity training and must realize there's a larger world than an $18 million dollar marvel of stainless steel, open-air food prep stations, composite-stone surfaces, flat-screen TVs, Upper Cuts, and higher level menus.

Edward J. Jansky

The article written by Brandon Reynolds was very, very nice and well written. It was a pleasure reading it. Thanks!

Yvonne T. Jones
Dining Operations Coordinator
Virginia Commonwealth University


We misspelled the last name of Virginia Probation and Parole Officer Mindy S. Grizzard ("Use of Gang Experts Marks Legal Milestone," Street Talk, Sept. 7).

The book by John McPhee referenced in "Submerged" (News & Features, Sept. 7) should have been called "The Control of Nature."

We incorrectly listed the Web site for The Ferguson Center, a new venue in Newport News ("Venues," Season Previews, Sept. 7). The correct site is www.cnu.edu/fergusoncenter. Style regrets the errors.

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