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LETTER: It’s the Heat


Thank you for Jack Lauterback’s most recent Punch Drunk column, “Summer Doldrums: a Rant” (Food & Drink, July 24). My wife read the article before I did and she swore that it was me that wrote it! I feel exactly the same way about Richmond summers and long for fall and winter. This article brought a smile to my face and solidified to my wife that I am not the only person that feels the way that I do about Richmond summers. Man … I hate ’em!

Jeff Virgin
Glen Allen

I’ve been reading your Punch Drunk columns in Style for quite a while, and find most of them quite entertaining. Well, your summer doldrums rant was hitting kind of a middle ground for me entertainment-wise — that is, until that last paragraph regarding your “happy place” with the rich, horny older benefactor. That, my friend, was an instant classic. My first LOL moment reading you. Nicely done!

Charles Turnage

Jack: You are young. You can drink and screw like a rabid animal. Without consequence. In the snap of an instant, your old tired ass will be passed on the sidewalk by hot 20-year-olds. They will stab at you with regret so fierce you will loathe yourself and the wasted opportunity of youth spent bitching about the weather.

Dee Briggs

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