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LETTERS: Food Footnotes


A smattering of comments regarding our 2014 State of the Plate:


1. Since there are more residents of Henrico County (not to mention Far West Enders) please give a little ink to places out our way. Examples: Boka, Sushi King (set price, unlimited sushi) to mention but a few.

2. Music as a deterrent. Yes. I have long thought the help chooses the music for the help and I have too often had to ask that it be turned down, sometimes with a frown by the server!

3. Some of the places you feature in your piece are undeserving of so much praise. Examples: Estilo, whose servers are erratic and whose menu is somewhat static. Bistro Bobette, overpriced to a fault. Rappahannock, where the noise level at dinner will drive people away. No fried oysters! Too bad its previous occupant isn't available somewhere.

Max Young


In "Special Request," Matthew Freeman's wish for "Little shops with inexpensive quality pizza available by the slice" is granted! He must try Superstars Pizza on Patterson Avenue near Libbie Avenue. It fits his wish perfectly and has outstanding pizza (and sandwiches). As a small, locally owned business, it deserves recognition for its great food and extremely reasonable prices. It's extremely popular. I hope Freeman will try it and give it press in a follow-up.

Debrah Davis


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