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Letter: What Cuccinelli's Book Reveals About Liberty

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Congratulations to Peter Galuszka for bringing to readers Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's expose of the federal government's intrusions into the operation of state governments, as well as the many regulatory arms of the feds, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Obamacare, the National Labor Relations Board and many others, who seek to regulate the functioning of state governments as well as to diminish individual liberties.

Galuszka's vituperative comments concerning practically all of the attorney general's insights into the federal government's tentacles reaching into the functioning of a free society serve to reinforce the belief of most Americans that the federal government is taking unto itself regulatory powers our Founding Fathers gave us in the Constitution.

If you review the article, keeping in mind our guarantees of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it will become quite clear the dangers of the socialistic government America is fast becoming. Ken Cuccinelli seeks to remedy this.

Mr. Galuszka's value as an honest critic of Cuccinelli's fight against the federal government's attempts to control all aspects of our free society is evidenced by a single line in his article: "After wasting readers' time with Obamacare, Cuccinelli shoots blanks at most everything else." It is to laugh!

Frank Solari



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