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Letter: "The Score" Gets Graded

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Let me start by saying I always get a laugh out of "The Score". Let me also say, that on a scale from 1 to 10, the Feb. 20 version is not a 10. One of your items was about the restaurant tax. You wrote: "Virginia lawmakers strike down legislation that would have allowed government officials in Henrico and Chesterfield counties to impose a meals tax without voter referendums. It's like the Jamestown colonists said, 'No taxation for dinner reservations.'" Very clever, but not accurate. I teach fourth grade, and one of the subjects I teach is Virginia history. The Jamestown colonists weren't concerned about taxation, mostly just about survival. A more accurate (and just as clever) statement could have been, "As Patrick Henry said, 'No taxation for dinner reservations.'" Again, not a 10, but just thought I would point it out.

Melanie Ledbetter



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