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Letter: The Redskins Camp Was An “Amazing Success”

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The Redskins training camp is over. Looking back, everything about the camp was an amazing success: From the speedy construction, to the reception of the team, to how the city ran the event. Bon Secours is happy, Richmond schools got extra money and rid themselves of an unused building, but most importantly, Richmonders had a good time, up close and personal with the team. The energy in our city is great, people are talking about how cool it was to have the team in town, and our city goes into fall with a great football vibe. Heck, the Redskins dedicated Monday night's opener to Richmond and offered thanks to the city for its hospitality on national TV.

Contrast this with the tone of the recent articles in Style Weekly that seem to pick, pick, pick at every component of the Redskins training camp culminating with "Scoring the Skins." The story is just plain bitter and condescending to our city. There are lots of things in Richmond that need bashing and journalistic "picking," but the Redskins training camp certainly isn't one. It is a perfect example of the government, private industry, the people and other leaders banding together to do something right that will have long-term positive benefits for our city.

Having the Redskins in town thrilling fans, local firms and the media is smart business. I salute the mayor for shepherding the concept through to this glorious end. Richmond deserves this kind of leadership and the mayor, City Council, Bon Secours, business leaders and the Redskins should pat themselves on the back for a job well done for our River City.

Style Weekly needs to do some soul-searching and should look for the positives from time to time. I know the editors may say, "We need to be critical of everything and we can't seem soft on Bon Secours or any business," but the journalistic tone and the attempt to create negatives where there are not negatives is not good journalism and certainly not good for our city. I am ashamed of the behavior of a paper that I read and that I like.

Life should be fun! Life should be happy. The writers at Style just sound so miserable. … somebody take them to Starbucks or Carytown Coffee for a laugh and latte.

Hugh Joyce


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