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Letter: Talking Back


A selection of recent tweets mentioning Style. Editor in Chief Jason Roop tweets on behalf of the weekly at @Styleweekly.

On a tweet (later corrected) mentioning Style's sponsorship of the "Carytown Craft Beet Fest":

@TEMthe3rd: I love the Beets.

On the closing of Freedom House

@asphaltandbrie: What a huge loss to the community. Volunteer here with my family and church family preparing meals.

On our story about a team of recovering addicts from the Healing Place running in the Monument Avenue 10-K:

@ssiriano: This article in @StyleWeekly is worth a read, the power of achieving a goal! Inspiring.

On the Short Order column in this issue:

@RogueGentlemen: Photo shoot & interview today with the classiest lady in the food writing game, Deveron Timberlake of @StyleWeekly.

On Paul Goldman's Back Page essay making the case that Mayor Dwight Jones was in a good position to win if he ran for governor:

@MarianeMatera: Tell Goldman mayors should care about Richmond, not just use the job as a stepping stone to governorship.

On last week's restaurant review of A²:

@danacraigrtd: I feel less crazy about not liking A2 after reading @StyleWeekly's take today. Well-written & fair account of a resto that misses the mark.

On something overheard at Lamplighter Roasting Co.:

@zhoosteen: "@StyleWeekly is my @nytimes."

On a story about Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli refusing to say whether he's violated state anti-sodomy laws, which he tried to put back on the books:

@KWIRTYbored: How exactly did @StyleWeekly staff inquire as to whether or not he violated the act? Must know how question was phrased.

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