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LETTER: Sa’ad El-Amin’s Lost Opportunities


So Sa’ad El-Amin is “outta here” — officially (“Rearview Mirror,” News & Features, July 17). No loss to Richmond, in my judgment. In truth, he was never “here.” I was a young, downtown lawyer when El-Amin joined the Richmond scene. Yale-educated, bright and seemingly full of promise to become a powerful, positively influential (while incidentally black) community leader. I thought he would make great things happen in our city. That just never happened. He preferred to waste himself in dramatically antipathetic, in-your-face histrionics rather than engaging in meaningful attempts to knit various elements of our citizenry together. I likened him more to an angry, posturing Jesse Jackson than to any real peacemaker. Hope he likes Texas.

L. Charles Long Jr.
Old Church

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