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LETTER: Our Mayor, the King


Our mayor has an ego that is supercharged and uber brittle. Our mayor has little interest in the opinions of his citizens but an acute interest in their tax monies. Our mayor has an overarching interest in his legacy and no regard for the risk that the young families, senior citizen, church and youth groups, who are the core constituents of minor league baseball, may not bend to his will and venture into Shockoe Bottom after dark.

Our mayor has honored transparency more in the breach than in the observance, and selected and negotiated with well-connected contractors, to include the ubiquitous Louis Salomonsky, to divide the largess of his ballpark development plan.

Unfortunately, with a few notable exceptions, our mayor has a compliant City Council and a local newspaper editorial board that is more interested in appeasing our mayor and those who favor his slave trail proposal than in addressing the crucial issue: Will the fans who have supported minor league baseball on the Boulevard for 60 years follow them to an area that they would rather avoid?

George R. Walton


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