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LETTER: Most Reported Crime Highlights Broken Insurance System


A note on the over 3,700 hit-and-run automobile incidents, the most commonly reported crime in Richmond. My agency has been in business for over 40 years and the percentage of uninsured vehicles has grown to a staggering number.

My professional opinion is that in the city of Richmond, 40 percent of the vehicles that pass my office daily are uninsured. I would think that a great number of the 3,700 hit-and-run incidents reported are caused by uninsured vehicles. Why stay and face the known consequences of operating an uninsured vehicle? Run!

The state of Virginia verification system is ineffective. The four of 10 vehicle owners who don't purchase insurance have checked the box saying they are insured, licensed the vehicle and gotten on the road having beaten the system in their minds. No one should wonder why this is the most reported crime Richmond.

A change in the verification process would eliminate a large portion of hit-and-run violations. A requirement to produce current proof of insurance at registration and at traffic stops or checkpoints should be on the agenda of the legislature. The knowledge that proof of insurance must be provided would surely produce a significantly lower uninsured vehicle population and in theory, lower the hit-and-run occurrences.

The financial cost of the uninsured driver is absorbed by the insured driver. Higher uninsured motorist and physical damage premiums paid by each of us in our policies and the deductible is an out-of-pocket expense that is seldom recovered. As in every type of insurance, the cost of the uninsured is passed to society.

Dave Bailey
Bailey Insurance Agency Inc.


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