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LETTER: Monument Statue is Better Than Hipsters for Bike Race


Mike Sarahan bemoans the fact that a somewhat controversial historical monument in Richmond will be represented in the UCI Road World Championships.

I would like to challenge his statements. He says Jefferson Davis doesn’t represent Richmond today. That may be, but what kind of picture does Richmond want to paint, exactly?

It’s a beautiful monument, and even though Davis was ultimately defeated, he was a man of integrity who stood by his convictions.

What kind of picture do we want of “Today’s Richmond”? Bearded, tattooed hipsters drinking PBR? I hardly call that progress, if you ask me.

Richmond is many things, and these monuments are distinctively Richmond and timeless in many ways. Although, I do agree that the Davis monument wasn’t the best choice. The Lee statue is far better!

Meade Skelton Haufe


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