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LETTER: Losing Track at City Hall


Keeping up with City Hall is an exercise in magic. Bat an eye and presto! — another delusion appears. "On Track" reports yet another makeover for Main Street Station. The original failure of moving the station to Glen Allen gets compounded with each interference by city government. I lose track.

Where does Mayor Dwight Jones get these gypsies like Jeannie Welliver of Economic Development? I thought Lee Downey was the boss. How many are there? Does council approve their paychecks? The $45 million proposal's cost by any measure is my money. And my complaint is that I no longer have quiet use of my property and am being excessively taxed for my real estate, utilities, storm runoff, car, food, etc. — and that's just local.

Remember when City Manager Bob Bobb shagged us with how many visitor centers? There was one on Hermitage Road that got weeded over and another failure around Jackson Street after bulldozing numerous beautiful old buildings. But surely a new one in the train station will be successful, like the 6th Street Marketplace and the 17th Street Farmers Market, whose feng shui gives pain in the nether eye. Include the overused Canal Walk, and beware getting killed by falling facade from City Hall.

Hopefully, with the next mayoral election, we will get someone who understands the nature of government, which is to regulate, not develop. If officials like Jones and some councilmen want to develop, please remove yourself from public office, raise your own money, then pave the universe if you wish. Any fool can take money from me at the point of a gun and spend it foolishly. That's what's happening now.

Sam Forrest


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