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LETTER: High-Speed Bus Raises More Questions


One major piece omitted from your pro and con piece on Richmond’s Rapid Transit idea was how likely is a whole new clientele to change their driving habits and now ride the bus to work?

The main legitimacy given for this boondoggle is the No. Six bus has the highest ride volume. Is that sufficient justification for a massive infrastructure revamp? Why not ask those people who work in downtown if they would ride a bus from Willow Lawn if the ride was now 10 minutes rather than 30. After all, it’s those nonriders who will make the system have value.

Where is the commuter parking lot going to be at Willow Lawn? And does everybody understand these buses will discharge passengers at stations in the median? How will these riders safely transit to and from the sidewalks on Richmond’s busiest downtown street?

And remember, even after the system is built and after all these new riders change their driving habits the rapid transit system will always operate in the red. And, oh yes, just ask any business owner on West Broad if they can sacrifice just one parking space. Just be prepared to get an earful. And asking the Ukrops how to spend dollars in the city makes as much sense as asking the postman.

Sounds like a great plan. Just like 6th Street Marketplace?

Harry Moseley


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