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LETTER: GRTC Depot Plans -- Does Richmond Really Need Another Restaurant?


Reflecting back on the comments on your summer article pleading for positive additions outside food service, it would seem profits over practicality have won again.

As a former longtime Carytown and Museum District resident, I was excited to hear of the GRTC depot sale. It was even more thrilling to hear how the original structures would be preserved as an homage to our ever-evolving bus system.

On the edge of my seat, I could hardly wait to hear what Tom Dickey had in store for the iconic space. What quickly put a damper on my feral imagination rampant with possibilities was the reported comment that the depot’s future could include a restaurant.

So this is Dickey’s master plan in a city of restaurateurs already struggling in a potentially oversaturated market? Instead of following the trend of encouraging developers to line their coffers by baiting risky enterprises, I would love to hear a fresh plan, one that provides and encourages gainful employment for the thousands of Virginia Commonwealth University graduates instead of enabling the 15 percent of freshman dropouts, as recently reported in the Times-Dispatch, and graduates alike with yet another easy outlet to make do slinging burgers.

Carey Peaseley


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