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LETTER: Growing Old is About Enjoying the Journey


Gene Cox’s article on life and people is priceless. But open to negotiation.

Regarding those old folks “bored” and “warehoused in one of those retirement communities,” I protest. As we climb toward old age we can no longer rake leaves, mow lawns, clean house and perform the zillion tasks needed to keep on living in our own cozy old nest. Most seniors love, love, the convenience and ease of a place that only requires them to come up with the pricey monthly fees.

As to what is the “purpose” of old people wanting to keep on living? They have earned the right to live! On and on and on. They do not want to die because they are afraid of it? At age 94, I am a bit of an authority on this touchy subject. As the inevitable maladies of very old age become pronounced, fears recede and people make their peace with what is to come.

Thank you Mr. Cox for your great article and for words that challenge us to respond.

Frances Nunnally


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