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LETTER: Decline in Homeless, But Much Left to Do


I would like to thank Adrian Luxmoore for his letter detailing his experiences and frustrations in trying to help a family facing homelessness. He has highlighted important issues in our current system of homeless services, namely that people in crisis sometimes have difficulty accessing resources and that helping people achieve housing stability is not as rapid as it should be.

Many more households in our region have difficulty meeting their housing and financial needs, but they do not qualify for certain programs. Or, more often, there simply aren't enough resources to help every person who seeks assistance.

For this reason, Homeward is working with our community partners to address these challenges in the coming months. We have the opportunity to dramatically reduce the length of homelessness episodes and to provide truly rapid access to targeted resources for people experiencing homelessness.

As a community, we have seen decreases in homelessness for our neighbors, precisely because we have come together to think about how our community could be different. For information on how you can be a part of these solutions, please visit homewardva.org.

Kelly King Horne

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