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LETTER: Comic is A Furry Masterpiece


In every issue of Style the "HR Department" cartoon is one of the first items I look at, but this week was a masterpiece. Tying together a tribble, Gizmo, Alf and Chewbacca that way was sheer genius! After I stopped laughing it made me want to go home and hug my furry dog — or my plush likenesses of those four characters.

Each week I very much enjoy Ed Harrington's skewed perspective on sci-fi, fantasy, horror, office life and pop culture. "The Lord of the Rings" no shirt, no shoes, no service was a particular favorite, as are all of the ones featuring Dr. Who (I am still bummed about Matt Smith hanging up his tardis after this year). So thank you for sharing his talent and imagination this way, as well as making the magazine great in form and content (yes, I noticed that he is also creative director). It is much appreciated.

Nancy Kubas

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