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LETTER: Carry Me Back


In "The Score", you rightly give a -3 rating to the open-carry demonstration through Creighton Court. Yet the rhetorical question, "OK, open-carry advocates, now a group from Creighton Court is heading over to openly carry in your neighborhood. Cool?" implies that a group of Creighton Court residents open carrying in a white neighborhood would be more, or at least equally, alarming as whites in a black community. But the specters of the Ku Klux Klan, lynching and white vigilante justice in Virginia are never far away. It is much more terrifying for a group of white people to open carry in an African-American community.

And further, a police response to the (mostly) white open-carry demonstrators comes with its own set of issues, in the wake of Ferguson. Black men wouldn't get two steps into a white neighborhood, open carrying long guns, or toy guns or their own hands shaped like guns. Black men, like John Crawford, can't open-carry BB guns. Black men, like Trayvon Martin, can't open-carry Skittles. Black men, like Eric Garner, can't open-carry their hands up in a sign of surrender, saying, "I can't breathe!" Let's not forget how open carrying is an act of privilege.

C. Sears


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