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LETTER: Bus Plaza Disgrace

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Every word you wrote was the truth ("Transfer Hell," Arts & Culture, July 9). It's unbelievable that the city of Richmond and its transportation department is so poorly run. In my opinion, this so-called transfer plaza is the worst of the worst! Edwin Slipek, thanks for your efforts to enlighten your readers.

Grace Royal


As a daily rider of the GRTC system, I can't say how relieved I am that someone has finally spoken up about the disgraceful mess that is the downtown transfer plaza. As Slipek carefully details, there is no shelter from the elements, most rides now cost an additional 25 cents, and most passengers' commute has been prolonged by 20-45 minutes. Since its institution in April, I haven't met a single passenger or driver who didn't hate every aspect of the plaza. The additional inconvenience and expense (not to mention the legitimate safety hazards) for our city's most marginalized citizens should be shocking. The lack of coverage by the city's media (until now, thankfully) is disheartening.

— Posted on StyleWeekly.com
by Jimmie Lee, July 8, 9:47 p.m.



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