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LETTER: Ballpark Problems Start at the Top

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I appreciate that Mr. Bates feels thwarted at moving the city forward regarding the plan for the Bottom (“Shockoe Standoff,” Back Page, July 23), but I wish he was more reflective as to the mayor’s problem in leadership, collaboration and respect.

As a longtime resident of Richmond, I have watched other large-scale endeavors and witnessed the less-than-promised outcome. He cites Redskins training camp as a positive, which to my mind is an example of the opposite: something that is not bringing the city support for local business, cost us money and ripped a out a large field of trees “by accident.”

From the outset, the plan for Shockoe lacked prima-facie integrity. Why not leave The Diamond where it is? Renovate it to be sure — everyone has been recognizing this for years. But move it? To an area with so many varied and complex personal and physical issues? It doesn’t ring true.

I don’t know Mr. Goldman personally, but the idea that there may be gullible fools in this or any process is certainly not unheard of. And in this debate, I would not like to be one of them. Thank you City Council for carefully questioning and yes, doubting the mayor’s plan.

And yes, even doubting no-bid partnerships.

Mindy B. Loiselle, Richmond



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