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LETTER: A Market for All


I appreciate the interest you have in the Bellwood Flea Market ("Sunday Hustle," Cover Story, July 9), and as you can tell we have a very diverse group of buyers and sellers. Our multicultural vendors are what make our flea market stand out from the rest in our area. The Hispanic community makes up a good portion of our business.

Everyone has a story to tell of why they are here to sell. Some mornings when the sun is coming up you might hear the flute on the Native American who is selling CDs of music from their culture. We have a man from Sarajevo who comes to sell shoes and wallets and an elderly woman originally from Germany who will supplement her income by selling items at the flea market. I've also watched a family from China whose children have grown up here while making a living selling $1 items.

Not to mention our buyers who make this all possible. There is a reason our vendors sell and our buyers come back each week. We have had people from all 50 states stop by to enjoy the experience of our flea market. Richmond and the Tri-Cities are big supporters of the Bellwood Flea Market.

Some have come to the flea market with their parents and some are just getting hooked on the treasures found every weekend. Over the years the people have changed, the reasons for selling may have changed, but what hasn't changed are the families who come out to have a good time.

Julie Campbell
Bellwood Flea Market


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