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Let the Stars Shine


In response to John Morgan’s complaint about Style’s star-sighting feature, it is important to note that Style does a service to local businesses by reporting these sightings. It may be silly, but where a celebrity eats or shops, and people hearing about it, can drive business to that establishment. And isn’t that the whole point of the Virginia film incentives that bring movies here — to bring revenue here?

The laid-back attitude doesn’t serve our city well. I was appalled recently when an actor in the film who was staying at a downtown hotel had ordered three whole desserts from my restaurant — one of which was for Steven Spielberg — and when we called the hotel to see if the actor might store these desserts in their restaurant fridge overnight, the front desk clerk apparently couldn’t find anyone with enough authority to make this happen. This hotel was three-fourths booked with actors in the film, so they were definitely benefiting from the film, and still they couldn’t manage to jump-to on behalf of the film. That is the kind of thing that makes Richmond “look bad” and seems “second-rate,” as Mr. Morgan put it.

Laura Morand Bailey
Ettamae’s Café


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