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Let the Good Times Roller Coast!


By Chrystal Caudill | From

Enjoy amusement parks this spring, but skip the soreness, blisters and sunburn!

Is there a better time than now to ride a roller coaster? Amusement parks are teeming with excited visitors in the spring – for both kids and adults, the weather is ideal for walking around the park, waiting in line for rides and experiencing all that the expansive meccas of fun have to offer. There are plenty of amusement parks that require a road trip, but don’t forget about Busch Gardens in Williamsburg or Kings Dominion near Fredericksburg, which you can do in a day trip! But before you print your coupons and push the kids through the entrance gate turnstile, make sure you’re not waiting in line for a strain or an injury. Nothing ruins an exhilarating day at the park more than a sore back, aching feet or a scorching sunburn.

Follow these easy pre-park stretches and prep plans.

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