Learnings from the Making of “Paper Tigers” and “Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope”

When: Wed., Feb. 28, 8:30-11 a.m. 2018

This is the second of three sessions that comprise the 2018 Lora M. Robins Speaker Series presented by Leadership Metro Richmond and The Robins Foundation. This year’s series is titled Barriers to Learning: How Trauma Impacts RVA Children. Trauma is prevalent in the lives of our children. It affects learning, school performance and behaviors. Traumatic stress can undermine the ability for children to form relationships, regulate their emotions, and impairs their cognitive functions. As community leaders we need a deeper understanding and various perspectives on why our children are not thriving, the challenges they are facing and how we need to respond. Mr. Redford will present stories and perspectives from his films that address the questions: What does it mean to be a trauma-informed school? And how do you educate teens whose childhood experiences have left them with a brain and body ill-suited to learn? Presentation will be followed by a panel of local experts.

Price: $50.