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Leapin' Lipizzaners



I was so excited about seeing the Lipizzaner Stallions. It felt like the day would never come, but it did. My mom and I zoomed down the highway and across town to get to the Coliseum. The line was not too long and we had no trouble getting our tickets. We rushed to our seats before the show started. " Look!" I said. The horses were standing behind the curtains. We were up close, so I could see the horses clearly. All of them were pure white and they looked beautiful.

" Ladies and gentlemen…boys and girls…" I heard someone say. It was the announcer, Troy Tinker. "Welcome to the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallion show! But now please stand for the National Anthem." A man came out on a stallion with an American flag. I was amazed by how gentle and still the horse was. All of the horses I had ever ridden had never been so still.

I sat back down when the announcer exclaimed that the first act was starting. Two horses came out working very well together. As the show went on, they also had groups of three, four, six and then all eight horses. They explained different movements of horses: the walk, the trot, the canter and the capriole, where the horse leaps with all four feet off the ground. Two horses that were not Lipizzaner stallions -- they were Spanish Andalusians with gray manes -- performed some very interesting tricks.

Something that surprised me was that most of the riders were women. The riders explained different moves that stallions would use in wars to threaten enemies. As the show ended, I wanted it to start all over again.

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