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Lawrence Welk's Revenge

The fictional sisters have returned to their hometown of Muncie, Ind., for a live televised Christmas special. They romp through a series of Christmas standards, dashing off deadpan jokes between the songs. The playwright, Rick Lewis, pokes some mischievous (but not malicious) fun at the 1950s, and the whole thing is trimmed in kitschy Christmas decorations.

The production itself is first-rate. It's difficult to imagine anyone doing this material better. Tom Width does triple duty as director, set designer, and lighting director; all three aspects of the show work together perfectly.

The sisters are played by Casey Scallion, Janine Marie Serresseque, Audra Honaker and Rhonda Holley. Their voices blend nicely, and they are completely believable as sisters: different but somehow related. There's even a bit of the Lennon Sisters' creepy sexuality emerging from behind the false eyelashes. Or maybe that's my trauma speaking.

I suppose the pod people have finally taken over my body because I thoroughly enjoyed "A Taffeta Christmas." I'm even feeling this strange urge to book a bus trip to Branson. If you are experiencing residual Lawrence Welk anxiety, maybe the same can happen for you. — Jerrell Nickerson

Continues through Jan. 15 at the Swift Creek Mill Theatre, 748-5203. Tickets are $29.25 (show only) and $41.25 (with buffet).

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