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Laughing Liberal Ladies



If you're Barack Obama, you'd be glad to have this quartet of comedians on your side. With the motto “swinging the swing states back to blue,” the Obama Girls of Comedy — Carolyn Castiglia (VH-1, Last Comic Standing), Claudia Cogan (Sirius Raw Dog Comedy), Calise Hawkins (Comedy Central, NBC's Stand-Up for Diversity and Last Comic Standing) and Giulia Rozzi — are stopping in our fair battleground state to roast some Republicans. With so much controversy surrounding the selection of a female running mate with such fundamentalist values, the Palin-punishing material promises to scathe and scintillate. Republicans, swing voters and light-hearted liberals can catch these comics at the Canal Club on Thursday, Oct. 30, at 8 p.m. $10-$12. 643-2582.

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