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Large Nakedish Men Love Kayfabe



WWE Armageddon is coming to the Richmond Coliseum for a series of battles to determine who is the greatest of wrestlers. Expect the combat to be muscular, hairless and oiled, featuring such titans as world heavyweight champion Batista and WWE champion John Cena, King Booker, The Undertaker, Kane and MVP. Expect the notorious specter of "kayfabe" — kayfabe being a presentation of the fictional as absolutely true — to loom over the nobility of battle. And in wrestling, friends, there are four corners, sometimes four-sided cages, but never a fourth wall. Armageddon returns to Richmond after nine kayfabeless years Sunday, Dec. 17, at 7:45 p.m. Tickets are $20-$175. Call 262-8100 or visit

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