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Lamb of God and Municipal Waste at the National


So pretty much no matter how you look at it, the biggest music coming out of Richmond these days is metal -- Lamb of God has done two tours with Ozzfest, cleared a Grammy nod and sold 2 million records. That's what a Virginia Commonwealth University education, thousands of hours of orchestration and a medium-sized sea of PBR will do. The five members still live here, which is why they're kicking off a new tour at the National. Opening for the band is another metal fave from these parts — Municipal Waste, which thrashes along, singing about zombies and parties. Pabst Blue Ribbon figures prominently in its oeuvre as well. The difference between the fans of the Lamb and the Waste is this: the former has a Wall of Death, in which audience members rush at each other; the latter's crowd brings boogie boards and pool toys to shows, for crowd surfing. Richmond is very, very proud. This Time It's War also plays the Monday, Nov. 24, show, starting at 8 p.m. $25. 612-1900 or — Brandon Reynolds

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