Kung Fu Joe

Rated NR 89 min. 2012

Kung Fu Joe, martial artist and private detective, encounters a group of bizarre characters harassing a local shopkeeper. Led by a monstrous Hunchback, these evil-doers are intent on strong arming the shop owner into selling their doughnuts. In a battle of strength and skill, Joe makes short work of the group who flee the scene. Joe's actions draw the attention of the Police Detective, an old nemesis, who is looking for clues about these odd characters and their nefarious purposes. A self-confident loner, Joe refuses to help. He is later visited in a dream by the Kung Fu Master, who warns him that danger is imminent and he must join forces with others to stop this evil threat.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.kungfujoemovie.com/kungfujoe.aspx

Director: Glen Berry

Writer: Glen Berry

Producer: Glen Berry

Cast: Victoria Maurette, Jeremy Parrish and Zak VanWinkle


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