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"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" airs Thursday, Aug. 24, at 8 p.m. on FOX-TV

One from the vaults

FOX-TV is raiding its old studio vaults for plots from the 1940s and '50s.

The studio is finding a wealth of characters in movies made years ago by 20th Century Fox — from the wisecracking gumshoe to the drop-dead gorgeous bombshell, all bent on getting into or out of trouble.

Airing Thursday, Aug. 24, at 8 p.m. will be "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye," based on the 1942 film "Moontide." The original cast featured Ida Lupino and Claude Rains. The remake stars Nick Lea ("The X-Files") and Holt McCallany ("Three Kings") along with Jason Priestley ("90210"), who also directed.

The plot is true to its origins as a B-movie script. Dustin Yarma (Lea) has everything — the house, the studio title, the car — and a best friend (Priestley) by his side. Yarma's karma changes, however, when he gets blind drunk one summer night after a wedding and takes a beautiful girl for a walk on the beach. When he wakes up on the sand the next day, a bum named Minnow (McCallany) is babbling about a dead girl lying nearby. Minnow says Yarma did her in, but he offers to clean up the scene if Yarma will take care of him.

Yarma agrees, but the plan doesn't work out quite the way he expects. In short order, his good life looks like it's going down the tube.

Look for more remakes in months to come on Fox. A studio executive says the old films will be updated "with a modern perspective and Fox attitude."

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