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Kings Dominion Story Brings Back Memories

I stumbled onto your article "The Peoples Park" (Cover Story, July 18) while reviewing the latest info on the girl who lost her feet at Kentucky Kingdom.

What a surprise to read about my favorite theme park from my teen years. I first visited the park in 1976, for the Bicentennial celebration.

As a former West Virginian, I now live in Missouri and haven't been back to Kings Dominion for about 20 years. Brent Baldwin's article was superb. It kept me interested and hanging on every word … and there were a lot of them.

I almost expected him to relay how he had again run into the Huckleberry Hound (now in a supervisory position). But I guess that was a little too much to ask.

Thanks for the great memories. If I ever get back there I will know what to expect. Sometimes you can go home again.

Cindy Boggs
Rolla, Mo.

Just last week I was watching a movie called "Rollercoaster" with George Segal and Helen Hunt which came out in 1977. About 20 minutes of this movie are filmed at Kings Dominion. Neat to see George Segal riding several of the rides. I never knew there was a movie filmed at Kings Dominion.

Mike Jones

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