Kidtoons: The Gruffalo, Pocoyo & the Wiggles

Rated G

A magically tale of a mouse who takes a walk through the woods in search of a nut. Encountering three predators (a fox, an owl and a snake) who all wish to eat him - the plucky mouse outwits them all by announcing he is meeting a monster with terrible features, called a 'Gruffalo.' As each predator cowers away, the Mouse grows increasingly confident as he makes his way through the woods, until he rounds a corner and comes face to face with the extraordinary product of his imagination: The Gruffalo.

Pocoyo and Pato stumble upon a disco and Elly is the DJ. Pato gets grooving to a track and Elly thinks he's fantastic but Pocoyo is not impressed. He has to go and show off his dance. It's wonderful, but then Pato thinks he can do even better. And so it goes on - an impromptu, ever-so-funky dance off! Things get out of hand when Pocoyo is raving and Pato is body-popping so Elly changes the record. She takes to the dance-floor and shows the rivals - in an uncannily Britney-esque way - that instead of competing, they can all have fun dancing together! It's much more fun.

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Cast: Jeff Fatt, Murray Cook, Greg Page and Anthony Field

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