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Kendrick Hall

Race:Chesterfield County Sheriff

Age: 45

Any Family: Married, Wife Janet - Four Daughters 6, 9, 16, 18.

Day Job: Deputy Sheriff with Chesterfield County. Virginia Air National Guard - 192nd Airforce Squadron.

Where do you live? Midlothian, Bay Hill Point

Platform: I'm running as an independent conservative.

Are you running to win, or running to bring attention to certain issues? I am interested to win - I made a decision a year ago to challenge Clarence Williams because of a lot of inequities and unfair treatment I saw in the sheriff's office.

What are your policies and campaign issues? My primary issue is going to be addressing as a sheriff - we're going to take a serious look at illegal immigration and enforcing all laws that are currently on the books because I don't see the federal and state governments doing anything about it. There are localities doing this all over the country and I don't see chesterfield doing anything about it. We're going to look at better ways to utilize our funds, spend our money, save where we can and basically re-appropriate funds to the areas that need attention. I also want to get a general education teacher for the jail so that inmates without high school education can obtain GEDs while incarcerated.

Which political party do you more closely identify with? Republican Party.

What's your favorite snack? A Butterfinger Bar. I like the way it tastes and I've been eating them since I was a kid.

Who is your political hero? That would be George W. Bush. It goes back to his very beginnings when he was running for governor. I was living in Texas and I campaigned for him. I saw how he was able to take a state that was dominated by the democrats for over 100 years and become the first republican governor elected in a long time. He did it with good, no-nonsense politics and giving the people what they wanted.

s it wrong to steal office supplies? Yes.

What kind of car do you drive? A 2002 Chevy Impala. My favorite car is a '66 Mustang - but that one's in pieces right now. I'm typically a Ford man, but I do love my Impala.

I'm hoping to bring an awareness to the campaign. The voter turnouts have been dismal in recent elections. I would like to get that voter turnout up - I would like to get it up into the 40s. It's all about awareness, we have to get people interested and I think this awareness thing will bring some interest to the table.

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