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Ken Cuccinelli: Radical or Not?


Peter Galuszka's article ("Can Anyone Stop Ken Cuccinelli?") begins with the defining the attorney general as "radical," which is defined in Webster's Dictionary as: "A person who favors rapid and sweeping changes in laws and methods of government."

Is that how Attorney General Cuccinelli has operated? I think not. For example, as noted in the article, he "sided with environmentalists against powerful state utilities for getting renewable energy ratepayer charges for dams they built nearly 100 years ago." There is nothing radical about this. He merely determined that the utility companies weren't adding value but were receiving a hefty tax break.

Likewise, as noted in the article, is that he "Cuccinelli fought vigorously to free convict Thomas Haynesworth after DNA testing found that Haynesworth was innocent of the rapes for which he'd served 27 years in prison." He goes on to say that "Cuccinelli later helped Haynesworth find a job." What was omitted, however, is that the job was in the attorney general's office! Was that radical?

He also declared that high-school students shouldn't have to pay a fee to take Advanced Payment classes, and turned over $100,000 to the Daily Planet, a free health clinic for the homeless, from his inauguration fund. Needless to say these are not radical positions either.

More care should be taken before attaching labels to anyone when writing a story. That will come soon enough when the race for governor heats up in the fall.

Brian Glass
Glen Allen


Ken Cuccinelli is a very scary person with conflicting thought processes. He appears to be a defender of consumer rights and randomly selecting instances where real justice must be found, but on the other hand treats women and gays as if they weren't real and beneath his acknowledgement. It's the same old conservative game plan: "This is my faith-based opinion and if you don't like it you don't exist and I might think about curtailing your rights."

I don't quite know whether to think he could possibly wisely lead our state (with the presidency in mind for later) or should I be thinking about stocking up on wooden stakes and silver religious objects now? Seriously though, how did his parents keep him from cannibalizing his siblings when the eggs hatched?

Ed Ross


Kudos to Peter Galuszka for his well reasoned and accurate analysis of the Ken Cuccinelli run for governor. I agree that Cuccinelli has a real chance to win, if the electorate can be lulled into the back seat with the tea party at the wheel. The only realistic solution is a challenging one — to mobilize all sectors of the Democrat and independent electorate to unite in opposition to Cooch in an off-year election. If the people of Virginia want to chart a moderate path for the next four years, they are going to have to act on that ambition. It is nut up or shut up time.

Chris Wiegard

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