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Kathleen Willey Reports Stolen Manuscript, Suspects "Clinton Operative"

Kathleen Willey had planned to spend the Labor Day weekend proofing pages of her forthcoming book, "Target: In the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton."

Instead, she says, someone broke into her Powhatan County home Friday, Aug. 31, and stole a copy of her unpublished 230-page manuscript. Her publishers are "aghast," she says.

"I think it's a Clinton operative," Willey says. "It sounds like Watergate. It's amateurish, but I know they're not amateurs."

Style Weekly reported in its Sources Say column Sept. 5 that World Ahead press planned to publish Willey's book Nov. 20.

The book -- likely to get special attention considering Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign -- details Willey's allegations that then-President Bill Clinton groped her during a private Oval Office visit in 1993.

The story swept the Richmonder, a political activist and former fan of Clinton, into a national scandal that included Paula Jones and eventually Monica Lewinsky. Willey maintains that she and her family received threats from the Clinton camp and that a stranger approached her while jogging and instructed her to lie in her Jones disposition. She says the book details the intimidations she endured.

Of the weekend break-in, Willey says she was sleeping upstairs in her two-story house with the windows open Friday night (Aug. 31). She vaguely recalls her dogs barking, she says, but they quieted down and she went back to sleep.

"I realized the next morning that my purse was gone," Willey says. She called the police and canceled her credit cards. Then, she says, she found her purse in the woods. The credit cards were there, but the cash was gone.

A spokeswoman with the Powhatan Sheriff's Office confirms that a deputy responded to a report of breaking and entering Sept. 1 in the block where Willey resides on New Timber Way, and that a purse was reported stolen.

What really has Willey reeling is that she discovered one of her two book manuscripts missing from the desk in her first-floor study. She says someone had also gotten onto her laptop computer, broken her car antenna and did something that caused her DirecTV service to malfunction.

"I think they were looking for one thing and they made it try to look like a petty burglary," she says. "It's scary stuff to realize somebody was in your house. I'm still scared."

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