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Kaoru Watanabe at the Carole Weinstein International Center

Thursday, April 16


An essential element of noh and kabuki theater music, the shinobue — a Japanese bamboo transverse flute — is defined by its high-pitched, ethereal sound. Its use can be traced to the Shinto practices of 660 B.C. New York-based composer and musician Kaoru Watanabe is not only a master of the centuries old instrument, he’s also not too shabby on the broad range of Japanese percussion instruments known as taiko drums. Melding traditional instruments into physically demanding takes on jazz and world music, Watanabe performs at the Carole Weinstein International Center at the University of Richmond on Thursday, April 16. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. and the performance is followed by a question and answer session with Watanabe. Free.

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